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Sunset gratitude

One of my favorite things to do is ride my bike to the beach for sunset. I’m fortunate to live close to the beach and spending time by the ocean never grows old. Sunset is nature’s way of forcing us all to take a moment… to stop, take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty […]

12|30|2013 - Amy Stanton

Grounding in the garden

I moved back to LA from NYC six years ago and moved into my current house in Venice. It’s my first “home” and coming from small, over-stuffed NYC apartments, this was a major change…and improvement. One of the best parts of the house is the unique only-in-Venice beach layout. The two bedrooms are in the […]

12|05|2013 - Amy Stanton
Home away from home 1

Home away from home

After living in NYC for twelve plus years, it will always feel like my home away from home. I visit often, both for work and to see some of my dearest friends (each of whom I’m trying to convince to move to Los Angeles). Whenever I’m in town, I stay at the Greenwich Hotel. It […]

11|22|2013 - Amy Stanton
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