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And so it begins…

Today the winter season officially kicked off with the first big ski/snowboard event – the Dew Cup Championship which also happens to be a Grand Prix/Olympic qualifier. It’s exciting to be here in Breckenridge with our amazing athletes, Gretchen Bleiler, Grete Eliassen, Maddy Schaffrick and Brita Sigourney (and Chanelle Sladics is commentating, Kristi Leskinen is […]

12|14|2013 - Amy Stanton

Grandfather’s words of wisdom: Keep Smiling

My grandfather, Bert Kirshner, AKA “Grandfather” or “GF” was the patriarch of our family. He was truly an amazing man. His kindness, generosity, strength and deep love of family was unparalleled and I am so grateful that he was such a huge part of my life for many years. Growing up, he and my grandmother […]

11|23|2013 - Amy Stanton
GB 1

Cheering on the amazing Gretchen Bleiler

When I first started my business in 2006, I wasn’t a big sports fan. I wasn’t an Olympics junkie. I hadn’t ever seen halfpipe snowboarding. Unexpectedly, my uncle and his best friend Kathy offered to introduce me to a snowboarder who had just won the silver medal at the Torino Olympics (she was Kathy’s niece). […]

11|21|2013 - Amy Stanton
Mom Post

My most inspirational person…my mom

When I think about inspirational people in my life, there’s no better place to start than with my mom. From the beginning of me, my mom has been my rock. She has spent each and every one of her days creating magic and happiness for those around her. She puts her family first and is […]

11|19|2013 - Amy Stanton
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