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Favorite Things: Mint Chip Ice Cream

Mint chip ice cream is my favorite. And, specifically, I love Straus Organic. It’s the white kind… amazing fresh minty taste with delicious dark chocolate chips. Run out to Whole Foods and grab some. They just started selling the quart size which is potentially dangerous but I try to limit myself to a few bites […]

06|10|2014 - Amy Stanton

Embracing Daily Rituals

I’ve always been a bit of a creature of habit. I find things I like and use/repeat consistently until something changes. I rarely get sick of my favorite foods, favorite restaurants, favorite blanket… Lately I’ve been thinking about the importance of rituals and the fact that doing the same thing daily (or regularly) can bring […]

03|27|2014 - Amy Stanton

Cheering on Team USA with Chobani

We have done some work with Chobani, a US Olympic sponsor, for the past two Olympic Games. They sponsor athletes and do a substantial amount of marketing activation and promotion around their sponsorship. A month or so ago, we were invited by our friend and rockstar trainer, Jen Cohen, to participate in a secret workout […]

02|20|2014 - Amy Stanton


When I was young(er) and people would ask me what animal I most associate with, I would say the polar bear. Not sure why, but I did. If I think about associations, I would imagine that it meant I was a loner, liked the cold (or at least could handle it well) and was quiet […]

01|09|2014 - Amy Stanton


For holiday gifts for our clients and for the women at the S&Co office, Helen Ficalora is my one-stop shop. The starter gift is always one of Helen’s classic gold letters, and then each year, I give a new charm to add to the charm necklace. I met Helen years ago at the Lucky Shops […]

12|18|2013 - Amy Stanton
Bernard 1

Bernard AKA Mr. B

Bernard just had his eighth birthday. He was born in St. Bernard’s Parish right after Hurricane Katrina. The Humane Society of NYC rescued him, his mom (Paisley) and sisters (Bartlett and Babe) right after the storm. Bernard and I were meant to be. I was still working at Martha Stewart when I met him. I […]

11|29|2013 - Amy Stanton
Rose Quartz 2

Who knew I would be wearing a rose quartz necklace?!

Last year, I was at one of my favorite places in LA, Queen Bee spa. The founder and official “queen bee” is Jodi Shays, a good friend an amazing business woman (and waxer). More to come on Queen Bee in the future… I was there getting my nails done and Dawn, who is one of […]

11|25|2013 - Amy Stanton
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