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Good Vibes Only

Good Vibes Only.  

08|20|2014 - Amy Stanton


Always. #wordstoliveby  

06|10|2014 - Amy Stanton

Ask Yourself

Ask yourself what is really important, and then have the courage to build your life around your answer.  

05|27|2014 - Amy Stanton
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Good at the Beginning

Challenges? Failures? Obstacles? Say “thank you.” I think often about why I’ve chosen to be an entrepreneur and the many ups and downs that I experience as a result of that choice. People ask me all the time for advice about starting a business and more times than not, I’ll tell them it’s about embracing […]

05|14|2014 - Amy Stanton

You had the power all along, my dear

You had the power all along, my dear…  

04|25|2014 - Amy Stanton

There Are Far Better Things Ahead

There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. -C.S. Lewis  

04|15|2014 - Amy Stanton
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Keep Your Face Always Toward the Sunshine

Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you. -Walt Whitman    

03|31|2014 - Amy Stanton


Success requires a longer journey than most people anticipate or are willing to endure. There are days of passion and sleepless nights to worry. There is so much exhaustion, fear, temptations to quit every turn. People laugh and judge and point. Still honor the struggles of life. Know they will come. Greet them with awareness […]

03|20|2014 - Amy Stanton

Setting Intention for 2014

I’ve been thinking a lot about new year’s resolutions and trying to figure out how to put all of the things I want to work on/improve in practice. Each year I come up with a list. Not sure I ever look at that list after I put it together though. That said, I think there’s […]

01|06|2014 - Amy Stanton
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Close your eyes and imagine

Close you eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go any part of you that doesn’t believe it. – C. Assaad

01|06|2014 - Amy Stanton
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