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Cheering on Team USA with Chobani

We have done some work with Chobani, a US Olympic sponsor, for the past two Olympic Games. They sponsor athletes and do a substantial amount of marketing activation and promotion around their sponsorship.

A month or so ago, we were invited by our friend and rockstar trainer, Jen Cohen, to participate in a secret workout that Chobani was doing and filming to support Team USA. As a marketer and someone who’s up for most workouts, I thought “why not…this could be fun” and decided to go, dragging along Kara and Dana from the office as well as my #1 partner in crime, my step-sis Gina.

We had to drive to a parking lot in Hollywood which in and of itself could have been enough to prevent me from going, but sure enough we rallied (wasn’t going to let down Jen after saying we were going!) Once we arrived at the parking lot, we signed waivers (signing our lives away), put on Chobani t’shirts and bundled up for an outdoor adventure. We jumped on a bus with 30 others including our long-time friend and client Brittany (always the life of the party) and Jen’s husband and mom. While everyone ate Chobani yogurt (on film, of course), we chatted and laughed and waited to see where we were going on our short mystery bus ride.

We ended up somewhere in the Hollywood Hills and walked through a candle-lit cave-like tunnel which led us to a crazy spin class set up. Apparently the lights, DJ and the rest of the insane set-up was “naturally powered” (Chobani tagline) by our efforts on the bikes.

Jen did a fabulous job and kept us all smiling while we worked our butts off.

Check out the video that Chobani released to cheer on Team USA (“naturally powered” by US!)

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