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Green juice: the new “apple a day”


The nutrients and health benefits of organic green juice are countless. I started drinking green juice religiously a few years ago and haven’t looked back.

About two years ago, I started monthly juice cleanses. For three to five days I drink juice…mainly green juice…and only juice. And I love it. Day one I feel a bit sluggish, day two I start to feel more normal, possibly with a little dark chocolate withdrawal so a dull headache, and by day three, I feel amazing – I feel like I could go on for weeks. What these cleanses have made me aware of is just how hard my system is working to digest regular food (and I eat very healthy!). Without doing that work, I have more energy, clarity and generally feel great. I’m sure that not drinking alcohol and not eating any dairy has something to do with it, but I have certainly recognized the power in giving my body a break and letting it detox. People always ask if I’m able to focus at work, work out and do my normal activities – the answer is yes, yes and yes. I feel better than ever. I know it sounds crazy…

Now back to the green juice… I drink one every afternoon as a healthy snack. Since I don’t drink caffeine, green juice is the antidote to my afternoon lull.

Because I’ve become somewhat of an expert on juicing, people often ask me about my favorite juice places…

–          Moon Juice –  I go there every day for my breakfast smoothie (the green shake with protein plus a shot of aloe and zeus juice); I also get my daily green juice from here, goodness greens

–          New Leaf – this is a great option for a more substantive three or five day cleanse – the drinks are delicious, made in a vitamix

–          Kreation – love the greens three with banana manna plus chia and plant protein; this is the other place I get my regular juice cleanses – many good options and I tailor my own cleanse each day

–          Juice Served Here – new juice bar on the eastside; LOVE the juices and the glass bottles and the overall vibe there

Enjoy the juice!


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